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Halve your carbon footprint! Evonik Launches New Sustainable 3D Printing Powder Materials

As a special chemical company, Evonik is developing new sustainable ready to use materials, upgrading its product portfolio and improving the sustainability of 3D printing technology. New Sustainable INFINAM ® Polyamide 12 (PA12) powder can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This new product can replace the existing INFINAM ®  PA12 material is applicable to all common 3D printing processes such as selective laser sintering (SLS), high-speed sintering (HSS), multi jet melting (MJF), etc.

Evonik not only analyzes the carbon dioxide emissions of products, but also focuses on other important sustainable indicators, such as water consumption and land use.

Carbon dioxide footprint halved

New Sustainable INFINAM ®  PA12 powder is manufactured by Evonik Mal production base in Germany, and renewable energy is used throughout the production. According to the product life cycle assessment conducted by the third-party certification agency Rheinland T | V, the carbon footprint of its products can be reduced by nearly 50%. The comprehensive assessment result of the life cycle of this sustainable product is even better than Evonik Terra series polyamides made from castor oil.

Dr. Dominic St ö rkle, head of Evonik's innovation and growth in additive manufacturing, said: "Sustainable development is the core factor for enterprises to achieve business success in the future. That is why we have incorporated sustainable development into all aspects of our corporate strategy. In addition to the sustainable factors such as production efficiency and material reusability, we also focus on the results of the full life cycle assessment of products and continuous optimization measures. By using green energy and renewable/recyclable raw materials in production, we can significantly improve the overall product Ecological balance benefits. In addition, we are also exploring the potential value of polymers after their useful lives have expired. "

Plan to launch more sustainable INFINAM ® powder

Evonik plans to expand the sustainable PA12 powder product portfolio and launch INFINAM ®  ECO product line. ECO series products use renewable and recyclable raw materials according to the mass balance method, so as to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This measure can immediately reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the production process without changing the product quality. INFINAM ®  ECO is expected to be officially launched in 2023.

Evonik's innovative growth in additive manufacturing brings together the group's in-house expertise in 3D printing technology, focusing on the development and production of new high-performance polymer materials suitable for all mainstream 3D printing technologies. To this end, Evonik specially created INFINAM ® Brand, and continue to promote the extensive application of industrial 3D printing production technology in the whole value chain.

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