2024The 17th Ningbo International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition

June 13-15, 2024

Ningbo International Convention And Exhibition Center

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Exhibition overview

Rules and regulations of Ningbo international Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition

Ningbo international Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition 2021 will be held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 24 to 26. In order to ensure the safety and smooth progress of the exhibition, the following rules and regulations are formulated.


1. Booth


1.1. The reservation or change of all booths must be approved by the organizing committee. In principle, the organizing committee does not support any change of booth without sufficient objective reasons. In case of special needs, it must apply to the Organizing Committee in writing in advance. After the approval, the exhibitor shall pay the modification fee.


1.2. The exhibitor shall ensure the reasonable and proper utilization of the reserved booth during the exhibition period. If the organizing committee considers that the venue has not been used reasonably, the organizing committee has the right to take back the booth, and the expenses incurred will be borne by the exhibitor, and the fees paid will not be refunded.


1.3. The exhibitor shall ensure that the contents of relevant materials and graphics such as the exhibition catalogue and exhibitor directory are accurate. The organizing committee shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions caused by the wrong materials provided by the exhibitors.


1.4. If the exhibitor violates the regulations or fails to pay the exhibition fee in time, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel the qualification of renting the venue, and the exhibitor and related exhibits must leave the exhibition site, which does not exclude the claim for the above behavior of the exhibitor.


1.5. During the exhibition period, there will be a comprehensive killing in the exhibition hall every day, and there will be no less than three times of killing in the public area and dining area; the exhibitors should do a good job in the killing and protection work in their booths.


2. Exhibitors


2.1. The exhibitors of this exhibition are manufacturers, trading companies or other independent legal entities engaged in commodity agency, R & D and production ofPlastics and Rubber and related industries.


2.2. The exhibitor shall confirm that the exhibits displayed at the exhibition are not involved in trademark or other infringement.


2.3. It is forbidden to store, use and display inflammable, explosive, radioactive and toxic substances in the exhibition hall.


2.4. The exhibitor shall be responsible for all behaviors from the arrangement, exhibition to the withdrawal; the exhibitor shall not carry out any activities that the organizing committee considers will affect the normal progress of the exhibition.


3. Exhibits


3.1. The exhibitor shall not place any exhibits or obstructions in the passageway or open space; no exhibits outside the exhibition area shall be placed on the booth.


3.2. Exhibitors can only distribute advertising materials on their own booths. If it is necessary to distribute advertising materials outside the scope of the booth, permission must be obtained from the organizing committee.


3.3. During the exhibition, at least one person in charge of the exhibition must be appointed for each booth.


4. Build


4.1. Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, all personnel should wear masks throughout the exhibition period; during the exhibition period, people and vehicles should be separated into the museum, and each vehicle is limited to drivers. The rest of the personnel must enter the museum from the landing hall, show the green code of "Yong hang code" and accept the temperature measurement;


4.2. The construction unit shall be responsible for the safety of the construction site. The construction unit shall determine the person in charge of safety at the construction site, and be fully responsible for the safety work on the construction site. The construction personnel shall wear safety helmet and mask when entering the exhibition hall to standardize the operation.


4.3. All booth construction personnel shall wear the construction certificate and card issued by the exhibition; during the exhibition, the construction unit must have full-time personnel on duty, such as electricians, carpenters, etc., and solve problems in time.


4.4. The exhibitor shall be fully responsible for any loss or damage to the facilities, exhibitors and exhibition hall due to the acts or negligence of the exhibitor and its employees or builders, and shall be responsible for repairing or compensating.


4.5. The exhibitor shall not change or affect the inherent facilities of the exhibition hall, and the booth construction shall not cover, bury, occupy or block the fire-fighting equipment, electrical equipment, emergency exit and audience passage of the exhibition hall.


4.6. grass, bamboo, rattan, paper, bark, foam, reed, combustible plastic board (Wantong board), combustible carpet, cloth and wood can not be used for decoration and decoration materials in the exhibition hall.


4.7. All decoration and decoration materials shall be made of flame retardant or flame retardant materials. The non flammable and non combustible materials used in the on-site booths and semi-finished products pre production shall be certified by the local public security fire department.


4.8. All booths and decorations in the hall shall not be capped in any form to ensure the normal operation of fire alarm system and automatic sprinkler system.


4.9. Enterprises applying for special decoration can use the construction unit recommended by the Organizing Committee of the organizing committee, or design and construct the company itself. However, the main contractor must pay the security fee (construction management fee, booth fee) and deposit (refundable) to pay for the damage that the contractor may cause to the exhibition hall during the construction process.


4.10. The enterprise applying for special decoration shall submit the design and construction drawings and other materials to the site construction management department of the main contractor two weeks before the construction. After approval, construction procedures can be implemented to revise and adjust areas that do not meet the requirements of the exhibition hall.


4.11. The design of the booth should not exceed the weight limit and height limit. The impact on adjacent booths should be considered. When the height of the background board exceeds the adjacent booth, the back must be treated.


5. Fire safety measures

5.1. During the exhibition, special notices on safety and fire control shall be made, and all exhibitors shall follow the rules.  


5.2. Every exhibition company (foreign and domestic) should designate one safety officer to undertake the safety and fire control requirements for the exhibition company.


5.3. Our fire safety group explain the fire safety regulations at the exhibition site to the designated safety officers of the exhibition companies. 


5.4. Only exhibits passed safety inspection and approval can be taken into the venue.  


5.5 . Special staffs will check the badges and tickets and maintain the order of the exhibition.


5.6. Ensure the safe passages of all the venues are obstacle-free and the safety doors are clearly marked.


5.7. Make sure to equip fire extinguishers that are light enough in case of emergency.


5.8. Obvious no-smoking signs are set up in the exhibition hall and smoking is banned shall be broadcasted on the radio.

5.9. Admission only with badges and tickets. The number of badges ad tickets distributed will be controlled.


6. Emergency handling


6.1. In case of fire or explosion, the on-site security personnel should do the evacuation work, protect the site, and report the case to the security team in time and report to the public security organization for assistance if necessary.


6.2. In case of illness and injury, the security personnel shall contact with infirmary timely for help.


7. Move out


7.1. The construction unit shall strictly abide by the removal time stipulated by the group maintenance, and shall not dismantle it in advance.


7.2. When the construction unit moves out, the person in charge of the site must be designated to ensure the safety of personnel and property. It is strictly forbidden to demolish and demolish stalls.


8. Termination of agreement


Under any of the following circumstances, the organizing committee has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally. The booth rent paid by the exhibitor will not be refunded. In addition, the organizing committee has the right to claim compensation for the losses caused to the organizing committee due to the termination of the contract.


8.1. Late payment of full participation fee.


8.2. Sublet or transfer the booth without the written permission of the organizing committee.


8.3. Other serious violations of the terms and supplements of this contract hinder the normal progress of the exhibition.


Each exhibitor and its employees directly or indirectly employed must comply fully with the instructions. Exhibitors must inform their agents and builders to comply with these rules, otherwise the exhibitor shall be responsible for the consequences.


Organizing Committee of Ningbo international Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition

Jihua Exhibition Service(Ningbo)Co., Ltd.

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