2024The 17th Ningbo International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition

June 13-15, 2024

Ningbo International Convention And Exhibition Center

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Exhibition overview

Ningbo is the economic center and chemical industry base in the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta, an industrial and commercial city in East China, and one of the economic centers of Zhejiang Province. Since the reform and opening up, Ningbo's economy has continued to develop rapidly, showing great vitality and potential, and becoming one of the most active regions in the domestic economy.

Ningbo—"China's Plastic Machinery Capital", "China Plastics Capital", "China Mould Capital", "China Automobile Rubber Parts Industry Base", "One of China's Three Major Home Appliance Production Bases", "China's Wire and Cable "Hometown", "China Brand Capital", "China Stationery Capital", "China Lighter Capital", "China Barber Appliance Industry Manufacturing Base", "China Water Meter Capital", "China Plumbing Equipment Hometown", "China "Lighting Manufacturing Base", "One of my country's Main Electromechanical Production Bases", "Communication Industry Manufacturing Base", "Instrument and Meter Industry Base", "Global LCD TV Industry Base", and Ningbo is also China's general machinery, shipbuilding, electromechanical parts , Mobile phones, power equipment, power tools, hardware products and tools, petrochemicals, stainless steel products, plastic products, stationery, lighting appliances, fasteners, bearings, clothing and textile industry production base. By then, the Hangzhou Bay Volkswagen Zhejiang production base, Geely Automobile production base, auto parts supporting industrial park, semiconductor lighting industrial park, medical equipment industrial park, rail transit equipment manufacturing base, etc., which are under construction, are gestating huge market demand.

Explore market opportunities

Introducing more international leading companies through the exhibition platform is an excellent choice for upstream and downstream companies in the rubber and plastics industry at home and abroad to expand their markets.

Show cutting-edge products and technologies to 36,000+ professional visitors at home and abroad, and 10,000+ international buyers.

Internet + dig deep into the potential of the sector

Open up online and offline channels; supporting convenient "WeChat Official Account Navigation" system and "Exhibition Official Website Browsing Platform" to form a pre-show online

Initial recognition, on-site communication and negotiation during the exhibition, and continuous follow-up after the exhibition to lock in customers.

Set up a special area "Biodegradable Plastics" to expand the industrial chain, promote the progress of the industry, and further promote the development of environmentally friendly high-tech materials.

Create a circle of friends in the high-end rubber and plastics industry

The exhibition will set up a theme activity week to create a diversified social platform to gather with industry leaders.

Exciting conferences and events at the same time, industry leaders at home and abroad, sharing cutting-edge information with big rubber and plastic experts.

The exhibition goes deep into market segments, and according to the needs of various exhibitors, precise invitations from rubber and plastic products, chemicals and raw materials, processing and molding equipment, packaging/printing

Professional purchasers in the fields of electronics, automobiles, construction, molds, new materials, food/beverages, and medical care. 80% of exhibitors

The results expressed that they were very satisfied and 88% of exhibitors plan to continue participating in the next exhibition.

 Accurately invite professional purchasers, and exhibit high satisfaction

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